SS Galaxy Team Directives:

1, The SS Galaxy in Second Life is a role-play community that simulates a RL cruise ship. All the built environments and team members represent this community and our over all goal to deliver a realistic cruise ship simulation that we call "The Galaxy Experience." Team members do not have a working schedule or requirement. We believe relationships here is "at will." The more you spend time on the ship the more chance to make your commissions(see section 7) and for the team to know you better.

2, All team members when aboard the ship, and have the team tag activated, should be in their proper uniform with Staff Pin attached where it is appropriate. Our uniforms and staff pin are non transferable. Together with the team tag overhead, it shows that you are an official member of the Galaxy Team. We do not discriminate avatar forms and that includes our team member. If you are using a non-human avatar, please present yourself appropriately to the guests and visitors.

Guests (renters) need to be invited to the group, but do NOT add anyone to the group unless you have verified they are indeed aboard or a friend of the guest/staying with them. Don't just send out invites because they "want to be in our group" Send them the chat group that is what is is for.

3, Our business is hospitality and all team members are directed to greet and assist guests and visitors with a friendly representation. Help them with questions about the ship, locations of our amenities, and services we provide. To learn more about the ship and our services, please explore the ship and visit our website The Reception Lobby and the Hospitality Desk (where the large ship directory map is) has many info and links about the ship. If you need help, please use the Galaxy Staffcon group IM to look for other team members who may help you to assist the guests.

4, All team members are expected to know the room rental info when a guest or visitor asks. Use our website or vacancy links from the Hospitality Desk to check open rooms for the guests. Let them know the different prices, sizes, prim limits, any special features of the room. This knowledge will help you make your commissions (see section 7.)

5, All team members are expected to know what kind of services we offer such as wedding, catering, dining, massage, and booking private events... This knowledge will help make more commissions (see section 7.)

6, All team members are encouraged to attend ship events as much as possible. Welcome people when they come or say goodbye when they leave, welcome them back if they return from a crash or otherwise. Keep the chat flowing, and to moderate chat flooding if there is a problem. Or someone shouting everything they say. Encourage tipping of the DJ and hosts: This announcement can be shouted, however don't hound people for tips. Encourage but don't over do it. Either in shouting or reminding. If there is a problem and you need to talk to other team members, please use Galaxy Staffcon IM, not talk in the open chat.

6a, Definition of chat flooding: Excessive use of gestures or repeating the same thing over and over again filling the screen continuously. Multi line gestures is permitted as long as is it not excessively used. Or that everyone is using them causing the chat to keep rolling filling the screen far beyond reading speed. This can also happen due to lag. Therefore a second or two of this is not a problem. Or a sudden burst. Continuous for 5-10 seconds is too much. However, if such a gesture (or anything else) it is offending people attending a event (or is in volition of our rules), then warnings should be issued in IM's. And further action taken if needed. It should also be considered if the offender is a well known visitor of the Galaxy, then extra leeway should be given. Sometimes people get 'carried away' and just need a little reminder. Again this reminder should be in IM's.

7, All team members are entitled to a 20% commission when helping with room renting or event booking. After assisting a visitor renting a room (except for cabins,) IM Nova Straaf the name of the new renter, the room number, and the amount paid if known. You will receive 20% of the renter's initial payment when it is confirmed. Also 20% of the SUF (Ship Use Fee is 2000L per hour for booked events) when assisting with private event booking will be given. Contact Nova Straaf if you have questions on this commission schedule.

8, Ejecting people that are in volition of our rules (see cruise contract) or if they harassing other guests. This is to be use as a last resort. Warnings first. The only exception is shooting or such activities. Those instances can be ejected on sight and banned in each of the 3 sims. Report all such problems to a director as soon as possible. If you need assistance or do not know what to do call for help on the staffcon group. Ejectable offenses include: Harassment, Vulgarity, Failure to remove weapons or using them on someone, Nudity (with the exception of the spa...or private rooms, Or any other volition of our rules (see cruise contract on website or in the covenant tab in about land) Please note: the eject function only sends the problem avatar to the next sim. It may be needed to eject/ban them from other ship sims as well, or call a Cruise Director to do an estate ban.

Please NOTE: Don't forget to note the user name NOT the display name in any security reports (bannings etc). There is a setting to show both user and display names in preferences, or turn off display names. We recommend turning off display names or have both showing. Then you will see the user name in chat, and or IM's. It makes it far easier to positively identify any particular person.

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