Fun & Entertainment

HoloDeck Rec Room

*Please note, as of May 3rd 2015 there are no rentals or services available aboard the SS Galaxy.*

*This is for historical reference only.*

If the ship is not big enough for your exploring needs, come visit the onboard Holodeck. It will transport you to more exotic locations without you moving a step. This was the very first attraction on the SS Galaxy.

Sports Deck

The Galaxy's Poop Deck is one of the most fun and popular activity central. 4 helipads for aircraft landing and take off (please do not leave your aircraft on the pad, take it with you). Free Galaxy Blimps, golfing and putting deck, sky diving activities, martini hot tubs, and a great place to watch the AFT fireworks show.

Movie Theater

Weekly feature titles and synchronized movie watching experience.

Penny Arcade

Fun classic arcade and soda bar. Play for prizes.

Atrium Garden

Hot tubs, waterfalls, grassy picnic, and hideaway kissing spots. All can be found in this indoor garden located at the heart of the Galaxy.

Nova Straaf Gallery

Showcasing the best artists from both SL and RL. Exhibit changes monthly.


Galaxy's command center and officer's lounge. Nautical Information Center. You will get a change to meet some of the ppl who created and operating the ship there. May be even the Captain himself.

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