*Please note such partnerships are no longer possible this is for HISTORICAL reference only!*

Marketing In the Metavase: Partnership with the SS Galaxy

Since our launch in June '07, the SS Galaxy has established herself as one of the most visited and covered virtual tourism destinations in Second Life. With over 13 million accounts world wide, Second Life is an international community. What sets the SS Galaxy apart from other Second LIfe attractions is that the entire build replicate a real life cruise ship experience. The real life scale of the SS Galaxy conveys a sense of immensity to the visitors, the round the clock staffing delivering world class hospitality service, and the daily events communicates the fun and exciting environment of a real cruise ship. These factors makes the SS Galaxy the perfect marketing tool for companies in the cruise and leisure industry that is not possible with a standard website of today's internet.

It is easy to measure the success of the SS Galaxy by looking at our visitors' feedback and the ever growing press coverages about us both in-world and in real life. And one of our visits to the Virtual Dublin celebrating the St. Patrick's day festivities was mentioned by BBC.

  • Our sponsors will have their banner/logo prominently displayed in all major areas onboard the SS Galaxy.

  • Delivery of coupons, brochures, and special offers via our onboard kiosk system and group notices.

  • Sponsors' messages will be announced at our onboard events.

  • Sponsors' ads will also be placed on this website.

  • Sponsors will also enjoy many in-world onboard benefits such as free staterooms and meeting room usage.

With a constantly growing community of residential passengers and casual visitors, the SS Galaxy creates a dynamic online real-time social-networking environment for both leisure and business. In an effort to simulate a most realistic cruise experience, our onboard amenities and services offers the vast variety of activities found on a real life modern cruise ship. Our builders and designers are also continuously renovating and adjusting the Galaxy to reflect the in-world market demands and our users' requests. With a lively entertainment, social and sporting activities schedule, the SS Galaxy continues to be one of the most exciting attractions in Second Life.

To add even more fun visibility, the SS Galaxy has embarked on "The Grand Voyage of 2008 - A Celebration around the World." Each month we "dock" with other established virtual representation of real life travel destinations. We set up teleport points from and to the port location, place advertising boards that gives info and landmarks, and share both locations cultural and social activities. Our goal is to give the SS Galaxy's passengers and visitors a sense of a traveling cruise ship, and to further increase our visibility and popularity.

Our onboard visitor survey indicates that our virtual cruise experience motivates them to consider one in real life. A large percentage of the surveyed have been on a real life cruise. After visiting the SS Galaxy, they indicated overwhelmingly the interest to receive more info on real life cruises. We believe this result can be translated into an advantageous marketing opportunity for companies and brands in the cruise and leisure industry.

What makes the SS Galaxy Work


The SS Galaxy is an immersive experience. From the moment the visitor step unto the boarding gangway, every details has been made to replicate a modern day cruise ship environment. This helps orient the visitor to the idea of being a cruise passenger and increases the their willingness to learn about real life cruises, as indicated by our internal survey.


Since the SS galaxy is a 3D build and immersive environment, the visitor can enjoy a vast array of cruise-specific activities; living in a luxurious suites or staterooms, mingling with other passenger in lounges and bars and engaging in staff-directed recreations. The exceptional customer services of the SS Galaxy gives our visitors and passengers a personalized and memorable experience in Second Life. This increased awareness of the cruise ship services creates repeat customers to the SS Galaxy and also helps to encourage a serious consideration of a real life cruise vacation. This was also indicated by our customer survey.

Low Cost Acquisition, High Conversion

When compared with the traditional marketing media, the Immersion-Interaction model helps the visitor experience to a simulation of being a cruise ship passenger. In addition to the visitor's conscious choice of receive the experience and information, the principle of consistency helps move them along the Learn-Purchase process. This makes the Immersion-Interaction model more effective.

Virtual world marketing is paradoxically cost effective. The SS Galaxy exist as an environment for the marketer to engage the potential customer, especially for real life cruise and leisure industry organizations. The SS Galaxy is an established brand name with in Second Life and has been actively promoting our features both in-world and in real live via our website. Press coverages about us extends beyond virtual worlds. Our sponsors will benefit from this unique visibility both in Second Life and in real life.

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