*PLEASE NOTE: As of May 3rd 2015 room rentals and other services are no longer possible, this information is presented for historical reference.*

Welcome aboard the SS Galaxy!

We have many wonderful rooms to rent aboard in all sizes both furnished and unfurnished. To use many features you need to be in our group. If you are not contacted shortly after renting visit our Service Call in reception to send a message to our staff.

Some of the features of the rooms include lockable doors, TV's and animated furniture in the furnished rooms.

All rooms have lockable doors and windows. We have two systems aboard. If your room has a blue keypad (which is being phased out), to lock the doors simply click it on the wall near by the door and click on the "LOCK" button in the blue pop up menu. You can also click "add" to add someone to the lock giving them a key so that they may open the doors at any time. This is under the "AUTH" button in the keypads menu. Please note the Galaxy Suite's keypads are on the pillar in the center of the room instead.

If there is not a blue keypad then the windows and doors should already be locked to all but you and your partner (which you can add via the rental box). The window control is on the wall, simply click the buttons to open and close the windows. You can add more people (giving them access) to the doors if you wish by clicking on the door and then saying in local chat /1 add nameofperson. It is case sensitive. You can unlock them to everyone by clicking on the door then typing /1 unlock or /1 lock to relock them. The other door commands are:

/1 add nameofperson (as I said to add someone to the list letting them open the door at any time)

/1 remove nameofperson (to remove someone from the door)

/1 list (to print out a list of people in the door in local chat)

/1 reset (to reset and clear the access list to all but the tenant and their partner)

/1 unlock (to set the door to allow anyone to open it

/1 lock (to lock the door to all but those that have access, it should be this by default but you can use this command if you want to be sure).

Please remember the doors only listen for a about 30 seconds after being clicked. They will confirm when a command is issued.

One tip: if you click on several doors at one time then issue a single command, it can be faster than doing each door individually. The doors listen for about a minute.

To use the furniture simply wear the Galaxy Cruise group via communicate window, contacts tab then groups tab at the top, make sure you click on the Galaxy Cruise group then click the blue activate button on the right or if you are using 2.0 viewer click the "People" button on the side bar then click "My groups" at the top, click "Galaxy Cruise" group then click the Check icon at the bottom to activate it. After the group is active sit on the furniture and click on them for menu of poses.

Or in the case of the beds click on the main part of the bed or pillows (some beds are different than others) to select which pose to use and right click and sit on the rezed pose balls. The sleep poses are special and you must use a cuddle pose, sit on a pose ball, then click in the pillows to change your animation to sleep. Due to the nature of the sleep poses the balls will be inside the bed and it will be difficult to sit on them if you don't use a cuddle pose first. Also don't use the "stop" button if you are sitting on the pose balls. You may get launched out of the room. Always stand up first, then press stop on the menu. And if you are having a problem with a bed rezing the balls, try clicking the stop button first, then see if the balls will rez. Or if you are having any other issues with the bed.

The older TIM TV's (not included with all rooms, and being phased out) are menu driven and you need to wear the group for them to function. You simply click on the "speakers" on each side of the TV then pick your choice. Please note the "movies" and "youtube" area of the TV's is currently unavailable. But the other channels do work properly. Also be aware that some 3rd party viewers may not work depending on their media implementation. We know that they do work properly with Linden Labs Viewer 2.x and 1.23

The newer TV's (Included with Galaxy, Stirling, Honeymoon, VIP Star, VIP Unfurinished suites) have Youtube (with search ability), DVD movies, TreetTV, Metaverse TV, classic movies in several different labeled, help tutorials, and more. They are limited to group access so be sure to wear the Galaxy Cruise group. They also require LL's viewer 2 or a Flash enabled 3rd party viewer such as Imprudence (http://blog.kokuaviewer.org/) or Phoenix. If you still have issues then be sure to download and install (while logged out of SL) the latest flash player http://get.adobe.com/flashplayer/ this will likely fix any issues you are having.

They are simple to use. Just left click on them and pick from the pop up menu. The different buttons represent different categories. The search button is for Youtube and the rest are labeled well and are quite self explanatory.

If you do not already have a TV in your room and would like one added, there is a fee of 500L for installation (a one time fee that is good for the length of your rental) and 3 prims that will count against your prim limit. Also they require either Linden Lab's Viewer 2 or other 3rd party viewer with the ability to view flash video. Imprudence and Phoenix are two viewers I know of that do have this ability and still have a 1.23 interface. 1.23 itself does NOT work with most of the video streams in these TV's.

Some of our best suites are also equipped with rezable food. Simply click on the plate of food and pick your choice from the menu. And click it again to derez afterwards. Make sure you are wearing the group tag or these will not work properly.

Our Moonlight Terrace Restaurant also requires the use of the group order to use it. Be sure to wear it if you wish to rez the food (or if your suite is equipped with rezable food).

Most rooms allow for a personal prim limit. This varies depending on the room. It can be 35 prims all the way up to 1000. To find out your prim limit simply click the rental box outside your room. This will tell you how many prms you are allow to have rezed. There is a prim counter on the wall near the door (it looks like a keypad). Simply click it to find out how many prims you have rezed. The rental box will also tell you how much time you have left in local chat when you click on it.

And finally some suites have a security system with auto eject anyone not on its white list (Currently The Galaxy, Honeymoon and Stirling Suites are so equipped.) How to use: First click the black "Secure" control panel and pick white list in the menu then add. Type in the name of who you want to be authorized (as a bonus it will also add them to all the doors). Now click the box, select Mode then ALL. Now anyone that happens to find a way into your room will be automatically ejected! Also keep in mind that you are always automatically added (and your partner if you add them by clicking on the rental box). You can turn this off or reconfigure it at any time. As a bonus anyone added to the white list will automatically be added to all doors in the suite.

If you have any questions or problems, just let us know. Enjoy your stay!

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