Event Services

*Please note, as of May 3rd 2015 there are no rentals or services available aboard the SS Galaxy.*

*This is for historical reference only.*

• Space rental(SUF): 2000L per hour with a min of 2 hours for each event.

• Whole ship rental: 5000L per hour with a min of 3 hours for the event. All 3 Galaxy sims will be closed with only the Galaxy Cruise group and the user's group allowed access.

• Staffing Service: 500L per hour per staff. ONE staff min is required for the duration of the event, TWO are required for whole ship rental.

• Music Stream: 1500L per event, up to 100 listeners. Standard music URL can be provided at no charge.

• DJ: 500L per hour

• All and any requests can be arranged and customized.

*Please note catering and event services are no longer available.*

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