Full Body Therapeutic Massage

*Please note, as of May 3rd 2015 there are no rentals or services available aboard the SS Galaxy.*

*This is for historical reference only.*

Services Provided on the SS GALAXY

Sometimes, a person really needs a nice, relaxing, full-body massage.

In RL, I have massage training and work part-time as a masseuse so I know the terminology and will do my best to translate the experience into SL!! An SL massage can never be as enjoyable as a RL massage, but I'll make it as close as possible, with vibrant, detailed descriptions of my actions as my oily hands slide over your body, releasing all of that tension....

Both men and women are welcomed.

The attire for the session is totally up to you! I'm comfortable with the human body, and the spa on-board the GALAXY is a clothing-optional environment. You may wear as much or as little as you like. :)

Please contact me via IM (Sammy Reddevil). I am usually online 4-6 hours per day, and if I'm online, an immediate appointment is usually available. If I am offline, please contact me to schedule a time convenient for us both.


60 minutes: L$800

30 minutes: L$450

15 minutes: L$250

GALAXY staffers get a 25% discount!!

(Above rates are for massage services only. Other services can be discussed separately.)

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