Rooms & Pricing

*Please note, as of May 3rd 2015 there are no rentals available aboard the SS Galaxy.*

*This is for historical reference only.*

The SS Galaxy offers a wide range of rooms ans suites to choose from. From the most spacious Captain's Suites and the luxurious Honeymoon Suites, to the furnished and affordable Staterooms or Cabins, you will find exactly the right unit and price range to meet all your vacation and residential needs.

The right side bars now shows a list of the different room sizes. Click to see more info about each room type, including price and prim limits.

All of our non-reservation units (the Honeymoon suites being the only reserveable units available) are listed on our vacancy finder located on the pillar to the right of the desk in reception. Simply find your choice then click on the blue map button at the bottom of the panel to teleport there then pay the box by the door and the unit is yours! They are all offered as first come first serve basis.

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