Galaxy Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q)

*The SS Galaxy's minimum standard dress code is resort casual in all public areas (with the exceptions of the Spa and Zodiac Ballroom). No open nudity except for the Forward Spa & Fitness Center. The Zodiac Ballroom & Dinning Room is formal only area. Please observe these dress codes.

*Is there a map of the ship?

Yes there are maps all over the ship just like the one behind the desk in reception. We also give a Ship Map HUD on the gangway and by the automated assitant behind the desk in reception. To use a map (or HUD), simply click on a location get a LM (landmark) to that location. Also our Ship Info Notecard has a lot more information about the ship and has LM's to all location as well. Just click the automated assistant behind the desk or the SHIP INFO button on your HUD.

*Do you book rooms ahead?

Everything is first come first serve with the exception of the Honeymoon suites. We don't book ahead otherwise. If you are interested in a Honeymoon suite, contact DBDigital Epsilon

*How do I rent a room?

Simple. Just pay a box by the door (the box is black and large saying PAY THIS BOX TO RENT THIS ROOM). And the room is yours. Our vacancy listing is on the pillar to the right of the desk in reception. When you see something you click click the map button on the bottom of the device to teleport to the room.

* Do we have gift certificates?

Yes we do, on the wall to the right of the desk in reception is a vendor. Simply pay the vendor when you see a certificate you like.

*Do I need a group tag?

Yes, they are needed to operate many aspects of the ship. Furniture and the Moonlight Terrace restaurant for example. The Galaxy Cruise group will be offered upon rental. You can also use the service call in reception to speed up the process.

*Do the beds have menus?

Yes most of the furniture in the furnished rooms have menus. Some of the couches do not rez pose balls and you simply sit on them then click where you are sitting for a menu. Most of them require the group to be worn to get the menu.

*My bed does not work! What can I do?

Ok first are you wearing your Galaxy Cruise group tag? If you are not wearing (have it activated) the bed won't respond to you. Both you and whoever else is going to use it need to be wearing the group. If you don't see the pose balls rez, try clicking on the bed and pick STOP in the menu. Then see if you can get the balls to rez. If you still can't make sure you aren't trying the sleep poses first. To use a sleep pose you must first use a cuddle pose, hope on the ball the click the bed and switch to a sleep pose. The pose ball is there but inside the bed when you select a sleep pose.

*How do I get a TV in my room?

If you don't have a TV in your room and would like one added, simply send DBDigital Epsilon a message saying you would like one. There is a one time installation fee of $500L that is good for as long as you rent the room.

*How do I lock my doors?

The doors should be auto locked upon renting. They will always open to the renter or anyone the renter authorizes. Click on the door and say /1 lock in chat to lock them. To add others click the door and say /1 add nameofperson. Each door in the room needs to have this done to give a person full access unless they are the renter or listed as partner in the rental box (which the renter does). The doors listen for about a minute after clicking so you can click several doors and say the command once to save time.

*How do I close my windows?

There is a control panel that says window control with a open and close button. Just click the button you want to close or open all the windows in your room. Currently only the renter and their partner (that is listed in the box) is able to operate the window controls.

*Can I rent longer than the box allows?

Yes the rental boxes have a max number of weeks you can pay at one time. But that is no means the longest you can stay. We do not have any limitation on how long someone can stay in a room. Some people have been living aboard the Galaxy for over a year.

*I rented but I can't find my room!

You are in luck we do have a rental finder. It is on the desk in reception. Simply click it and it will tell you where you have rented and over a SLURL link that you can click in local chat and teleport to your room.

*I don't see anything in this room I want (unfurnished)

We have both furnished and unfurnished rooms available. It clearly says in hovertext above the box just outside the door if it is furnished or unfurnished.

*I like a room but want the furniture removed so I can use my own

It is ship policy that we do not reconfigure rooms. Most rooms have a personal prim limit (even in the furnished rooms), and you can use that to put your own bed or couch over top of the current ones. Or of course you can rent a unfurnished room instead. If rented a furnished room and want unfurnished (or vice versa) contact DBDigital Epsilon and he can move you to another room.

*How do I get help?

The best way is to use the service call in reception (if no one is there at the moment). The better suites also have a service call in their room. Just click the support button for instructions.

*Does the Galaxy move?

Unfortunately moving 3 sims is not practical with current SL limitations. We do have a Port Of Call every month that works by teleport exchanges. Simply click the sign on our gangway to go there, and click on the one at the Port Of Call to come back to the ship.

*How big is the Galaxy?

The SS Galaxy is 3 sims 650 meters long and 32,000+ prims. Only two mega prims were used in her construction, and they are the smoke stacks. It is the longest single build in SL.

*Can I rent a venue for a party here?

Yes. The cost is 2K per hour. Contact DBDigital Epsilon.

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