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Construction of the SS Galaxy started in February 2007 and the major construction was completed in June. Since our inauguration on June 16, 2007, the SS Galaxy has quickly becoming the most talked about attraction in Second Life. Not only to her sheer size and amenities but also for the quality of our service and hospitality. Since our launch, the builders and the staff have been continuously improving the ship with new features, events, activities, renovations and additions. Our marketing efforts seek out the best way to promote our brand and visibility. The SS Galaxy is and will remain an on going project that reflects the social and economic environment of Second Life and its interaction with real life.

Second Life Cable Network's recent coverage on the SS Galaxy:

Here are some of the noticeable write ups about the SS Galaxy. We want to thank those who have contributed inputs and feedback, sent us the links and help us to continue creating the best virtual cruise experience.

Web coverage on the SS Galaxy:

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